Aida Bergsen

Based in Istanbul, jeweller and sculptor Aida Bergsen creates jewellery with different themes that reflect traces of her hometown and its multi-layered cultural fibre. She draws inspiration mainly from mythological tales and symbollic natural forms. Each of her wearable sculptures are meticulously handcarved in wax then transformed into timeless jewels using traditional goldsmithing techniques.

"I try to reinterpret traditional crafts and skills in jewellery making in order to create a more contemporary approach. I like to have a play on the contrast between light and shadow as I believe it is key in capturing form at a deeper level."

Aida Bergsen was recognized with the Best JewelleryDesigner Award in 2013 at the ELLE STYLE AWARDS.  The "étoile de mode" at BIJHORCA in Paris and she was named the first runner- up for the very prestigious Couture Show Las Vegas in 2011, 2014 and 2017. 

Aida Bergsen’s Convolvulus Sepium Fauna Brooch has been chosen by Christie’s Auction House in  Paris for the December 2018 event and auction sales. 

Aida Bergsen has been selected for highly prestigious and influencing books including Juliet Weir-de La Rochefoucauld’s “Women Jewellery Designers” (ACC Artbooks, September 15, 2017). Thebook highlights the works of selective women jewellery designers from all over the world since 20th century. Aida Bergsen has also been featured in “Fine Jewelry Couture/ Contemporary Heirlooms” (Thames & Hudson, October 18, 2016)  by the author Olivier Dupon, which includes the work of the most exciting jewellery designers working across the globe today.